Challenges are inevitable

we collaborate with your team to find solutions

Challenges are inevitable

we collaborate with your team to find solutions

Who We Are

A Caption is an explanation or inscription, which is communicated for the effects of deeper understanding along with establishing a particular position. Caption Consulting Limited (CCL) was established to actualize clarity in business. Within the course of business there are various vantage points to view situations, challenges and opportunities. It is therefore prudent to engage an independent party who provides an objective viewpoint. This collaboration fosters the ability to grasp another perspective or gain confirmation on your perspective in consideration of the organization’s strategic intent. We believe that each organization is unique and should be Captioned based on the answer to the question: Why are we in business? With this clarity and the relevant actions, we denote that: Happy Employees = Happy Customers!


Our Values


Building trust-based relations to promote win-win outcomes and the continuity of high quality business relationships.


Having open-minded and non-judgmental discussions with the objective of finding solutions to business challenges and developing ways to work more effectively.


Ensuring that people/stakeholders gain an understanding of the value they add to the organization and enjoy doing great work, which creates individual, team, and organizational benefits.

Find Out How
We Can Collaborate

A motivated team with role clarity, within an aligned system, results in good success and high impact performance. There is no “one size fits all” approach. Each organization is unique therefore interventions are always customized.