What We Do

Whether it is Consulting or Coaching we partner with individuals, teams and organizations to build awe-inspiring relations to facilitate what needs to be changed by the client so that there is a sense of fulfillment and balance.

Caption Consulting and Coaching (CCC) applies the methodologies of Organization Development and Marketing to foster organizational excellence.

CCC believes that individuals should have exciting and inspiring accounts of their “work life”. The overall employee experience should be one, which promotes the organization as an Employer of Choice.

From experience it is noted that during the course of business there are various vantage points to view situations, challenges and opportunities. It is therefore prudent to engage an independent party who is poised to collaborate with the individual and/or team to seek meaningful and relevant solutions. This collaboration fosters the ability to grasp another perspective or gain confirmation on your perspective in consideration of the organization’s strategic intent.


Collaboration is critical to build high-growth, win-win relationships for sustained productivity, profitable operations and a psychologically safe environment for the workforce.

Challenges are inevitable; we collaborate with your team to find solutions. We focus on how the business works by deciphering the Organizational Culture, Strategy, Structure, Operational Processes, Branding and Performance Measurements. We believe that each organization is unique and should be Captioned based on the answer to the question: Why are we in business?

With this clarity and the relevant actions we denote that: Happy Employees = Happy Customers/Clients!


Insightful conversations could unlock layers of self-limiting beliefs, which impedes the progress of an individual both personally and professionally. How you show up for life each and every day correlates to your belief system. Coaching is an important aspect of leadership development. With coaching, individuals are able to develop healthy relationships – with one’s self and then with others. CCC’s coaching system is all encompassing with various levels of introspection -individual, team and organizational.

Relationship Development for Business

As organizations seek to foster productive work cultures and nurture high performing teams, sharing open and honest perspectives is an effective method to encourage trust and win-win outcomes. We utilize the BehaviorTuner (BT), which is a relationship development tool that uses a survey based on forty-eight (48) positive behaviors, known as the Rubin High-Growth Behaviors™️. This tool enables non-anonymous, open and direct conversations focused on specific, actionable behaviors, that advances the relationship between two persons toward it high-growth potential.

Clarity Advocate

It could be time consuming to come up with the right words to communicate exactly what you are thinking. Sometimes the ideas are present but the flow of words required to develop flawless messages seem complicated. We collaborate with our clients to take complicated ideas and transform them into clarified messages.
Karena is a gifted, professional, emotionally intelligent and very supportive Business Coach. She has the qualifications, the compassion and the deep desire to help others achieve their goals. She also lives her values. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent Coach.

Paddy Spruce, Training Consultant, Professional Speaker and Coach

Under my stewardship as Chairman of Caribbean Prestige Foundation for the Performing Arts until 2013, Karena held the position as Operations Manager. During her tenure she was instrumental in building the International Soca Monarch brand into a viable business model of international repute. One of Karena’s most outstanding and commendable traits is her ability to effectively communicate. Her exposure to the dynamics of business allowed her to demonstrate notable leadership skills, creativity and grit. She is a transformational leader who is truly authentic. Her change agent capabilities continue to be on point and relevant as an Executive Coach and Consultant.

William Munro, Businessman